This happens to be one of the computers that met great success in Europe. The people bought over two million from the computer. Even with the fact that it has a single attribute and is less exciting compared to others such as the Commodore 64. Where it gained popularity was because it has low prices, and the commercial concept it came up with is so exciting. They ensure all the peripherals were sold all together. An example is the Commodore PET, and it was sold some years ago, also is the tape recorder, CPU/Keyboard, and the monitor.

The development of a reasonable number of programs and peripherals came into place. Later AmsDos was ran which is the Amstrad’s Operating System. The main operation of this mostly deals with the basics, a significant reason why it uses RSX commands. The only thing is that disks cannot be easily formatted; to do that, a particular application is required. If you make use of it with an external floppy disk, the 464 can use CP/M 2.2 or 3.0

Provisions have been made for almost 42 KB for the user to have, the ROM and the Video memory were indicated on the same address. You can automatically switch the banks through the use of a dedicated chip. The observation comes as the prototype of the Amstrad PC is referred to as ARNOLD; it was the one that named other video games Roland. Firstly it was built on the 6502 processor, but later due to the computer development, it changed to Z80. In a matter of a few months, the completion of the series will take place, just with a computer which has a floppy disk that is in-built i.e., the CPC 664

Another feature is the MP-3 Modulator Converter, of course, this cannot be said to be an MP3 player produced by the Amstrad. Having said this, it’s always a good idea if you have this kind of product. It is the kind of device that you can connect to your monitor, and can as well change it to a television that you can enjoy in your bedroom. The reception and the quality were not that exceptional, yet it is still perfect as you are sure to get the quality that is worth your money. Do not try to fantasize or imagine any TV in a window, and the tuner makes use of the monitor for proper output

The CPC 464 is in a perfect condition, and it has a serial no 533-8104893

The Manufacturer is Amstrad, and it came on board in 1984